Storage & Fulfillment

Time is of the essence and efficiency is the name of the game in this global economy. CME is your turnkey solution for all of your print distribution needs; utilizing CME eStream supports your distribution, retail and end user fulfillment needs. With reduced cycle times, consolidated inventory, minimized storage, handling and freight costs, and global access to your inventory and on-demand products 24/7 CME assists you in getting the greatest ROI from your print spend. Streamline your printed materials with CME and increases the effectiveness of your department and overall organization, allowing you to keep forward momentum. Our logistics team is experienced, result driven and dedicated to ensuring your print pieces are delivered with the right items, to the right people, on time, every time.

Online ordering and Inventory Management

Enjoy 24/7 convenient access to your customer portal. Place orders, review real-time inventory and order history, and view reports to assist in your management decisions. Create efficiency by organizing and managing the distribution of your corporate collateral items. Within the CME eStream minimum and maximum quantities can be set to help guide your end users through their shopping-cart experience. There are automatic reordering points on all your inventory items.

Climate controlled secure storage/warehousing and delivery

CME inventories and accurately tracks each item with a unique ID proving labeling and documentation to track every product in every carton, on every pallet with every transaction accounted for.

Worldwide Distribution

Whether shipping regionally, nationally or worldwide CME trained shipping staff is committed to selecting your best option for on-time delivery for the lowest freight cost and the best service. eStream is integrated with major global carriers allowing you to view real time tracking information.

Pick and pack logistics

CME logistics staff members pick and pack your orders promptly to ensure on time delivery and satisfied customers.

On-demand material distribution

Some materials merit on-demand print for their low quantity levels and high content change keeping your cost down. Our clients enjoy the benefits of reduced inventories and avoid holding large volumes of preprinted materials that can become outdated. With digital print, the latest information can be printed as required. Print and ship on demand with CME to achieve your fast turn time, on demand print needs.

Custom Assembly

Assembling of custom pieces whether POP, Benefits packages, or intricate invitations, CME is here to serve your needs.

Kitting services

When sending promotional items to your best prospects or preparing goody bags for a trade show, our employees treat each of your projects as if it were their own. They are trained from hundreds to thousands, hand work and kitting is our domain. We have the trained staff to make sure your material is assembled and mailed correctly, on time and at the lowest possible postal rate.


Do you have the ability to calculate 17 stock reports ranging from users, groups, inventory and personalized URL reports? With CME eStream you do. These detailed reports gather information on who is using the system, how they are using the system, and what they are using the system for. All reports are defined by a start and end date, and are exportable to Microsoft Excel enabling you to formulate pivot table brilliance to achieve the best of decisions.